Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business have a rich set of .NET APIs which make it easy to extend the platform and integrate it with other applications. This blog helps explain how to use those APIs.

New multi-threading techniques with UCMA 4.0

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Recently I’ve written a lot about using some of the new multi-threading capabilities in .NET 4.5 with the UCMA SDK, and I wanted to put together a complete example in an application that might actually be useful.

I like to take a break every so often to get up from the computer, walk around, and stretch, and I’ve tried a few break reminder applications that give you a pop-up reminder after a period of time. The trouble I always have is that I forget to disable them when I’m on calls, or presenting, and they pop up and get in the way. So I thought I would write a simple app to send IM break reminders, but only when the user is in an Available state in Lync. Continue reading “New multi-threading techniques with UCMA 4.0” »

Error about SIPEPS DLL with UCMA 4.0

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One of the first issues you may run into when trying out the new version of UCMA is an exception that says a DLL called SIPEPS, Version= could not be found. This happened to me, and a few other people I’ve spoken to had this problem as well. So, to help anyone else who gets this exception, here are a few troubleshooting steps that should fix it. Continue reading “Error about SIPEPS DLL with UCMA 4.0” »

What’s new in UCMA 4.0?

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With the preview of Lync Server 2013 now available, you may be wondering what’s new in the good old Unified Communications Managed API. You may even have located the UCMA 4.0 SDK and downloaded it to check it out yourself. Since the final documentation is not yet available for UCMA 4.0, it may not be immediately clear what’s new and what isn’t. Continue reading “What’s new in UCMA 4.0?” »

Recording of UCMA 4.0 Developer Roundtable

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The recording of the Lync Developer Roundtable session I did a couple of weeks ago on UCMA 4.0 has been posted on Channel 9. You can watch it here:

The presentation covers using .NET 4.5 Framework features in UCMA development and converting UCMA Workflow SDK applications to UCMA Core.

UCMA 4.0 – Lync Developer Roundtable

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Today at 9:00am Pacific Time I’ll be doing a Lync Developer Roundtable session on a couple of topics related to the new version of UCMA. Information is here: