Microsoft Lync and Skype for Business have a rich set of .NET APIs which make it easy to extend the platform and integrate it with other applications. This blog helps explain how to use those APIs.

Multi-part SDP and non-Lync endpoints

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Lync endpoints, including UCMA applications, are capable of communicating directly with non-Lync SIP endpoints under certain circumstances, without going through the Mediation Server. This can be advantageous for a few reasons. For one, the Mediation Server removes non-standard SIP headers when passing along messages, so any information you try to include in custom SIP headers when connecting to an endpoint through the Mediation Server will be lost. Also, you may need to communicate with other internal SIP systems — a voice mail system, for example — in an environment where the Mediation Server is not in use. Continue reading “Multi-part SDP and non-Lync endpoints” »

Protocols used by Lync

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Lync uses a number of different protocols to operate, and it can sometimes be confusing keeping track of which one does what. This is a short overview of the protocols in Lync and what they are for. Continue reading “Protocols used by Lync” »

Distinguishing IM vs. audio calls in MSPL

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Microsoft SIP Processing Language, a.k.a. MSPL, can be handy for changing Lync’s routing behavior, to do things like block or reroute calls based on their origin, or send all calls of a certain type to a UCMA application. In certain cases, when writing MSPL scripts, you may want your script to behave differently depending on whether it is dealing with an audio call or an instant messaging session. It’s not immediately obvious how to distinguish between these two types of calls in MSPL, so I wanted to write up a quick description of how you can do this. Continue reading “Distinguishing IM vs. audio calls in MSPL” »